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Page history last edited by PBworks 15 years, 11 months ago

Website to-dos


  • Fave Music CDs 2006, 2007 DONE


  • Update Javascript Browser Detector


  • Australoitaliano DONE


  • Cognomi in Italia DONE


  • Homemade Maccheroni


  • Books Read


  • Books Reviews - list with links to blogspot


  • Degrees Minutes Seconds to Decimal Degrees Converter DONE


  • Multi-Library Search Tool DONE


  • Multi-Library Search Tool - Extended Version for more libraries DONE


  • Random Bannergram DONE


  • Random Rant/B-List DONE


  • Recent Rant/B-List Posts DONE


  • Collapsible Sitemap Section Headings DONE


  • File path encoder


  • S-Grapher: dojo.fx version


  • Back/Forward fix for Fave CDs


  • Fix old Java Applets DONE


  • Credit Card Validator DONE


  • Collapsible Bookmarks Section Headings


  • Fave Music CDs 2008 (so far)


  • Make sitemap image backgrounds transparent


  • Link from HierSelects to ANZSICSelector


  • ANZSICSelector - Tree Version

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